Monday, 22 November 2010

Help please!

Hey guys i would really like you help so basically im a bit lost on my project so these pictures iv put up i would really appreciate it if you could tell me how they make you feel or what is your reaction to them, what you get from them. Thank you 

  Please let me know it would be really helpful x


  1. All of your pieces would make me feel really normal, except for the tattoos, they make me see them in a different perspective. A sort of modern era, especially the last two. They also speak to me of control, where the baby and the cat would not have done this to themselves, but someone else would have :S Also, the originality of your pieces really come out to me. It's an interesting combination. You do more of those, mix the tattoos with things that wouldn't have them, like angels, nuns and priests, monks and stuff ^^ lol, just a crazy idea ^^

  2. I think it would help if you refreshed peoples memory of what the aim or context is meant to be. The images are well crafted, but feel a little empty without some sort of background to them.

    I agree with DeadEyes above that there is a control issue in a couple of these, however tattooing a baby or a cat isnt just a control thing, its about branding the innocent, leaving a mark on someone for the rest of their life. Makes me think of Jewish labour camps a bit.

    But yeah, what is your.. theme? Intention? What do you want this to be about? Then we can help you a bit more.

  3. Guys thank you so much. I started this project wanting to look at people with body modifications because it interests me and i wanted people to appreciate tattoos as art aswell, but iv been having an issue about putting it in to a context and about what i want to people to get but i just want them to have their own opinion and stuff, but what youve said is really helpful thank you x