Monday, 18 October 2010

Blending Attempt...

This was an attempt at blending two pictures together go my photoshop skills :S

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Oh dear...

I was having a chat with my tutor about my work and we got talking about animals being tattood which i thought would be cool to look into formy project and maybe also exstend my project with this but never did i ever think it would be something that people actually do its just wrong but i found a blog where someone had written about it, its just wierddddd... 

This is the full blog but here are a few pictures...
So basically they sedate these animals just so they can be tattood, i don't thinks its right. Personally. 
This is my favourite of the drawings i've done so far it took me long enought to do lol but i'm really pleased with it, so i'm excited about this project :)

More Tattoo....

I've started with the drawing etc but i don't know what to do with the background so i havent added anything to this image as i dont want to ruin it so i will do others on another page and photoshop them together.

Heres one so far i've done but i want to do others.

New Project

The start of my new project im basing it around tattoos and body modification mostly tattoos though right now im not sure what i want the outcome to be or how or what i want people to get from it, probably just a reflection or change of heart about tattoos but i dont know yet. But also i wanted this project to be more about me really and i wanted to chalange myself as i like to avoid drawing people as i hate it and i get frustrated so i'm going to spend more time oneach drawing instead of rushing as it turns out crap if i rush.

 Initial drawing of tattoo coming out of the person.


Sort of bought these today :) super comfy