Thursday, 25 February 2010

Bag Three.

Bag number three. just the print on a patch and more tea ted. quite shiny though which is a bit annoying.
Overall i prefer the dog one i think its more quirky and goes with my theme but if i was to do the again i would use screen printing. 
And i was also talking to my tutor and she told me to do tea towels! don't know why i didn't think of that fits more with what im doing really doesn't it. and also this thing called lazertran and it transfers on to pretty much anything so how about tea pots or tea cups! so that's the next step. If not i can draw it in my sketchbook and just have it as an idea that could be used.

Bag Two.

i used iron on transfers for this however i should have done screen printing on the whole bag as it would look so much more professional and a lot nicer.


These are my examples of my free give aways...

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Fun, Free Giveaways part 1

As part of the project we have to come up with a fun free giveaway in store and i wanted to do bags but i want to print on them and so far my idea for that is to have the floral bulldog on it sayin "More Tea Ted?..." so this is my final print...
This is my first final idea which i will be printing on a bag and i will post up a picture of the final piece and also any other ideas i come up with.


I also had another idea that i wanted to use as well as the one I've already posted, so basically it was to do with hunting and the out side, as it's also very British and just like I've done a floral Bull dog i would have a floral horse.
This is the start of that idea and doing a simple floral horse so I was just experimenting with the idea, and then the setting of were it would be, my idea would have been and illustration of the setting with a life size floral horse in the shop window with maybe a few props and the manakins.
Floral horse 2

And this was a simple version of my idea, the gold from, being the illustration and the theme with the country side and a wooden gate and the floral horse in the front.
However i wont be using this idea anymore as its quite different to the other one but i would like to still bring this one into my current idea so maybe have the floral horse something of blend it into the wallpaper.


I decided to do a couple more but in different colours...
I think I'm going to go with the light green one it's nicer and brighter than the other two.


obviously i can't leave my picture black and white it needs some colour...
this is my picture with colour, 

Full print :D

New Print

 So for the wallpaper i was going to use prints that I'd found which would look good with the theme, however my tutor told me to make up my own and here it  is I'm happy with it something different.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


As I'm having a very homey set i want a fire place with a picture and wallpaper, you know the whole lot so I've been doing some more experimenting and i either want to have a picture of either Churchill or the Queen but I've edited them slightly. But first this is my selection of wallpaper;
And these are my photos of Churchill;
and the Queen;
But now which one do i chose???



A couple more pages from my sketch book just experiment with my theme and the ideas i would like to put into it...

Good old Winston Churchill, he's very British so i thought i would add him as a humorous effect, i read up on Ted Bakers web site that they use humorous things like their free giveaways such as last Christmas they gave people free packets of paxo stuffing!
As I'm carrying on the British theme i want to add Bulldogs into it but i want it to be floral and more interesting.

"More Tea Ted?..."

The start of my project!
This is my brain storm and of how i came about my idea. I know its only small but i sort of had this idea before starting my sketchbook and i hope i comes out the way I want it to.

Ted Baker

This is my new project for university and I've chosen the brief of Ted Baker so basically i have to design a a new shop window for their Autumn/Winter collections, and I've decided to go with a obviously British inspired idea of 'Tea', like 'more tea vicar' but 'More Tea Ted?" that's going to be my title. But i also have another idea of hunting so I'm going to do two sketchbooks one for each idea and see where it takes me.