Thursday, 18 February 2010


I also had another idea that i wanted to use as well as the one I've already posted, so basically it was to do with hunting and the out side, as it's also very British and just like I've done a floral Bull dog i would have a floral horse.
This is the start of that idea and doing a simple floral horse so I was just experimenting with the idea, and then the setting of were it would be, my idea would have been and illustration of the setting with a life size floral horse in the shop window with maybe a few props and the manakins.
Floral horse 2

And this was a simple version of my idea, the gold from, being the illustration and the theme with the country side and a wooden gate and the floral horse in the front.
However i wont be using this idea anymore as its quite different to the other one but i would like to still bring this one into my current idea so maybe have the floral horse something of blend it into the wallpaper.

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